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Vaccinations are important to the health of your pet. They are a preventative measure to help combat viral diseases like parvovirus, parainfluenza virus, distemper, feline leukemia virus, calici virus, and rabies. Vaccinations are accompanied by a physical examination to determine if your pet is healthy and can be vaccinated. Proper timing and administration of a vaccine is important to insure optimal protection. A young animal whose immune system is not fully developed should be vaccinated beginning at 6 weeks. A series of vaccinations should be given every three to four weeks until the animal is completely immunized. Annual or yearly vaccinations are recommended for pets older than a year. A vaccination against rabies is given at 3 months of age, one year old and then every three years.

Please be aware that Arizona requires that all dogs over the age of three months have a license and rabies vaccination. Registration can be completed at the website below, or any Maricopa County Animal Care and Control shelters. More information is provided on the webpage below.

Dog License Online Application